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Published on January 6, 2009 By mickeko In Everything Else

Here's a tiny little game for us all...

I'll state a very basic moral dilemma, you reply with your personal view on if the action described is "good" or "evil". After your response, add your own little dilemma to the game, and on it goes...

Here goes:

(As a non smoker) Treating your smoker friend a cigarr, even though we ALL know it's lethal.

on Jan 07, 2009

The moderators are strongly discouraging the creation of threads that are overtly controversial.

This is not in any way more or less controversial than "this or that" or any other similar thread on the forums...

on Jan 07, 2009

Well the correct answer is:


D.) Not enough information given


I mean, seriously, there's so many variables. 

Does this "friend" have a will?  Am I in it?  Maybe I might push cigars on him as a means to an end. 

Did his girlfriend ask him to stop smoking?  Is she hot?  Could I possibly rat him out, then score the rebound with his "soon-to-be-ex" hot girlfriend?  Lowdown, I know, but sometimes you gotta do what needs to be done.

on Jan 07, 2009

... I'll think of something else instead then...